For this week I spent time updating my Wordpress website. I’ve had it since last year and haven’t worked on it for a couple of months. As a PR major, I believe adding past work such as press releases, email pitches, research papers and other writing assignments are beneficial to have on my website. This shows potential employers my writing skills on different types of necessary documents in the PR world.

At the beginning of the semester, I honestly didn’t think of art being something other than paintings or drawings. I saw art as something being colorful, textured and overall something seen only in museums. I never saw things such as printmaking or sculptures as being very “artful” and my perspective…

Artists: Heather Anacker and Krista Feld

Medium: Sculpture, Fibers, Personal Tools, Recycled Materials

Heather Anaker and Krista Feld are both CSULB alum, having graduated with a BFA in Fiber, Textile and Weaving Arts. They are also both fiber artists who create art pieces using natural and synthetic fibers. Heather is…

Before this activity I had worked with Kalea for the photo story project we had a couple of weeks ago. Although we had talked a bit before this project, we didn't really converse beyond sending each other pictures for the previous project. I’d say that I know her a bit…

Artist: Banksy

Media: Street art, painting, installation art



Anonymous artist Banksy has been creating street art across the world since the 1990s. No one knows his true identity though most believe his real name is Robin Gunningham. He is an England-based street artist born in Bristol…

For my video I critiqued Phoebe Seip, Rita Mayoral and Olivia Nguyen.

Artist: Micol Hebron

Media: studio work, curating, writing, social media


Instagram: @unicornkiller1

Artist: Joseph DeLappe

Media: Art intervention, sculpture, installation art


Instagram: @josephdelappe

Micol Hebron is an American interdisciplinary artist who practices studio work, curating, writing, social media and many other things. She’s currently a professor…

For this and next weeks project I plan on knitting a colorful matching sweater for my dog Melo. In American culture, dogs are seem as “Man’s Best Friend” or in my case woman’s best friend. He’s really added a lot of fun and happiness to my life so I wanted…


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